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Exploration & Promotion of
Chinese Art and Culture

OTTC provides a wide range of innovative Cantonese opera (Xiqu) education programmes led by veteran Cantonese opera artists and professional Cantonese opera/drama instructors. We are dedicated to enhancing teachers' and students' understanding of Chinese arts and culture and cultivating good morality through learning activities tailored to different audiences and budgets.  


Teacher Training

Aiming to enhance teachers' professionalism and competencies in providing quality Chinese art and culture education, we provide tailor-made workshops and lectures emphasizing both theories and practices to align different teaching strategies and learning goals in school.

Cantonese Opera Performance

Xiqu Theatre Performance

General Zhou Yu Duk Duk Chang

The cross-disciplinary performance integrates captivating martial arts scenes and operatic songs in Cantonese opera with an exciting yet inspirational drama story, presenting a lively and relevant dimension of Chinese performing art. 

Dic Dic Chang Chang Playground

The child-oriented Cantonese opera ✕ drama performance incorporates interactive games and Chinese music elements to encourage young audiences aged 3-6 to take the initiative in learning Chinese culture. 

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Introductory Talk by Musette Tsang

  • A concise and informative lecture on Xiqu Art, Cantonese Opera, Naamyam, and Chinese culture & Aesthetics

  • Compare the differences and similarities between Western Theatre & Chinese Theatre


Excerpt Performance w/ Narration 

  • Excerpt performance facilitated by pre-event and debriefing, deconstructing the plot and formulaic movements of Cantonese opera

  • Provision of worksheets exclusively designed for extending the learning experience


Cantonese Opera Interactive Workshop

  • Gesture & Movement Participatory Workshop (Entry Level)

  • Costume-dressing/Face-painting Demonstration

  • Cantonese Operatic Singing workshop


Cantonese Opera ✕ Drama Creative Course

Designed by OTTC Creative Director Musette Tsang, the creative performing course blends the essence of Cantonese opera and western drama to stimulate students' creativity and interest in Cantonese opera learning.  


Naamyam Creative Workshop

A fun and simple way to explore the intangible cultural heritage–Naamyam (narrative singing traditions in the Cantonese Dialect) and Cantonese tones. Guided by our professional instructor, students can also create their unique Naamyam lyrics, broadening their Chinese Language and Music Learning.


Master Class by Yuen Siu-fai

The master class delivered by Professor Yuen Siu-fai, OTTC Artistic Director and veteran Cantonese opera artist, brings you into the glamorous yet mysterious Cantonese opera world. Prof. Yuen is always willing to share his precious knowledge and experience accumulated over 70 years!


Kindergarten Principal (Teaching Training)

The teacher training was a success! Young teachers learned a lot about Chinese culture. Hope we join hands to promote and transmit it! 

University Student
(Zhou Yu
Xiqu Theatre)

The storyline is funny and attractive! I love the scene when the character explains the meaning of movement in Chinese opera, which makes the audience easily involved in the performance.

Primary School Teacher
(Zhou Yu Xiqu Theatre)

The innovative script is a wow factor of the show. The sound effects, drama actors, and Cantonese opera characters work perfectly, and their acting skills are fantastic. 

Audience (Talk)

I am a layman of Cantonese opera. I don't know how to appreciate Cantonese opera. After listening to Prof. Yuen's insightful and informative talk, I have developed a better understanding of Cantonese opera.

Mom of a 4-year-old child
(Cantonese opera course)

The "Cantonese Opera ✕ Drama" creative course serves as a great entry point for children to learn about Chinese culture and Cantonese opera in a joyful and inspiring environment. 

Audience (Naamyam Theatre)

Very innovative, creative, and bold experimental show. I felt it was an easy and fun way for kids to be introduced to the art. The theme was so heart-warming I actually shed tears. Please do more of these!

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