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#Kindergarten #Chinese Culture & Art #Best for ages 4 to 7 

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Dic Dic Chang Chang Playground

Cantonese Opera X Children's Interactive Theatre

The child-oriented Cantonese opera ✕ drama performance incorporates interactive games and Chinese music elements to encourage young audiences aged 3-6 to take the initiative in learning Chinese culture.  

The show was an absolute delight - the staging, the props, the music, all came together seamlessly.

Kindergarten Principal

The performance is highly dynamic and interactive, and it is able to attract the attention and focus of the children.

Kindergarten K3 Teacher

Blending Cantonese opera into the drama engages young students in a relaxed, natural way, captivating their attention and sparking their interest - a technique early childhood educators would do well to emulate. 

Kindergarten Teacher with 10 years experience

Our students love the show, which is fun-filled and educational. They also shared the Cantonese opera moves with their parents.

Kindergarten K2 Teacher

Let's learn Cantonese opera together!

Movement Demostration

Bailan Demonstration

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