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Outreach and Education

The art of Xiqu is primitive yet full of vitality, which people of all ages can enjoy. One Table Two Chairs Charitable Foundation (OTTC) breaks through the traditional frameworks and the limits of time and space. We actively explore and develop the possibility of new artistic directions by creating exceptional projects ranging from large-scale fundraising concerts, interdisciplinary theatre performances, in-school outreach and educational events, commercial artworks and digital art programmes, etc. 

Under the extraordinary leadership of Artistic Director Prof. Yuen Siu-Fai, we capture and extend Cantonese opera's essence to attract regular Cantonese opera fans and reach out to youths and non-Chinese speaking audiences. With the application of creative marketing strategies, we successfully expand the size and quality of the Cantonese opera audience. 

Cantonese Opera x K-Pop Interactive Theatre


Inheriting the Xiqu is one of OTTC's crucial goals. In the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power school tour 2020/21, we present an exciting interactive performance to showcase traditional aesthetics and crafts: Cantonese Opera x K-Pop—a half-hour drama plus a half-hour workshop. The main audience is Primary and Secondary school students, all potential future Cantonese opera performers or theatregoers.

Photo credit: Kit Chan, Visual Image Director, One Table Two Chairs   #kitchanimagery

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Arts-in-School Partnership Scheme

In the “Arts-in-School Partnership Scheme 2021”, we produce three tutorial videos in which young professional performers demonstrate movements, costumes and acrobatic fighting along with the delightful music played by a Chinese percussion ensemble to guide the students to appreciate and understand Cantonese opera.  

Photo credit: Kit Chan, Visual Image Director, One Table Two Chairs   #kitchanimagery

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School-based Educational Activity

OTTC was commissioned to host Cantonese opera workshops that introduce the abstract and formulaic aesthetics of Xiqu to the young generation, allowing them to appreciate the subtleties behind Chinese opera.


Photo credit: Kit Chan, Visual Image Director, One Table Two Chairs   #kitchanimagery


Theatre Performance  "BACKSTAGE"


To promote and increase the foreign enterprising artists' and enthusiasts' awareness of Cantonese Opera, OTTC partnered with Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop to co-present BACKSTAGE—a contemporary storytelling of what happens backstage of a Cantonese opera troupe.

Since the show's 2014 premiere in Edinburgh, BACKSTAGE has successfully toured the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, China, Singapore, South Korea, Hawaii, Mexico and our hometown Hong Kong.

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