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Community Cultural Ambassador 2022
The Three Kingdoms in Cantonese Opera


A Talk by Yuen Siu Fai:
The Three Kingdoms in Cantonese Opera 

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"General Zhou Yu Duk Duk Chang"
Touring Performance

Artistic Director: Prof. Yuen Siu-Fai

Director: Musette Tsang

Playwright: Rick Cheung

Xiqu Performers: Tommy Kwong, Roy Cheung

Performers: Marco Tang, Judy Or, Pearlmi Tam

General Zhou Yu Duk Duk Chang" Touring Performance has a combination of splendid martial arts scenes with sweet-sounding Cantonese opera, the drama stories was presented as funny and inspirational which shows the lively and daily aspect of opera . The performance is suitable for audience of all ages, which makes them easily understand the aesthetics of traditional opera!

Songwriter Mark accidentally travels through time and space, entering "Meng Po Bar" in the afterlife, where he encounters famous historical figures of Ancient China - Xiang Yu and Zhou Yu. After an intense fight between the three, they discover their past regrets have shackled them, leaving them in suffering and pain. Could they finally let go and move on bravely?


The Three Kingdoms in Cantonese Opera
Interactive Exhibition

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Free Entry🌟No Registration Required

▶ 22–26 Sept: Yuen Long Theatre Exhibition Corner

▶ 1–12 Oct: Tiu Keng Leng Public Library

▶ 16–31 Oct: Tung Chung Public Library

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