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"Sing Along with Lok Lok"

Stage Programme

“What do you want for dinner tonight?” “Chicken wings, sweet potatoes and ice cream!”
Do you know everyday dialogue can turn into a song?

The Cantonese dialect is fantastic! With so many possibilities between high and low tones, mellifluous phrases characterise the narrative style of naamyam’s intangible cultural heritage. Preparing her homework assignment, Lok Lok discovers the lively sounds and unique geniality of this local musical genre passed on from Grandpa to Mother and to her!

Cantonese opera veteran Yuen Siu-fai appears for the first time in children’s theatre! With music combining East and West by Yin Ng and down-to-earth lyrics by Chan Yiu-sum (Aamuk), this show features a crossover ensemble of guitar, huqin and guzheng. Let’s all embark on this naamyam journey with Musette Tsang as she tells marvellous stories punctuated by a woodblock!

"Sing Along with Lok Lok"

Online Programme


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