Guangdong Quadrangle

This year, we are honored to be invited by Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) to participate in the 10th Chinese Opera Festival (COF). 


Our featured performance - Guangdong Quadrangle - Four Folk Music Types in Concert comprises the four indigenous performing arts of Guangdong - Dabayin, Narrative singing, Cantonese music and Cantonese operatic song in classic singing style.

All stage performances were led by our Artistic Director, Prof. Yuen Siu Fai and was joined by the famous Chinese musician - Prof. Yu Siu Wai and a group of renowned Chinese opera actors and musicians.

In order to enhance the cultural experience of both the audiences and the general public, we have also held five talks discussing the history, future and various aspects of the above four indigenous performing arts, these talks were all open to the public and were very well received.


We have also joined forces with Chinese University to hold an exhibition at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, showcasing various musical instruments of Dabayin and also ancient scores of Chinese music.


  Our Guest Performers talk about  

Guangdong Quadrangle

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