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We are currently seeking passionate individuals who have a keen interest in Cantonese opera and performing arts, constantly brimming with creative ideas, and wish to be involved in the curating of arts promotion initiatives, we now invite you to join our vibrant and youthful team!


  • Candidates must be permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region aged 18 or above

  • Graduates of local or overseas university, obtained within the last 3 school years* while submitting the application

  • Passionate about the arts and interested in arts administration

  • Good verbal and written communication skills in both English and Chinese (including Mandarin)

  • Creative and detail-oriented, proficient in digital skills and social media in particular

  • Able to work independently and with a small team to accomplish the assigned tasks

  • Multi-tasking, self-motivated, detail-oriented, well-organised and strong analytical skill

  • Working on irregular hours and on Saturdays/ Sundays/ Public Holidays will be required

Arts Management Assistant

Main Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and plan the annual programme of the arts group, and liaise with education and community organizations.

  • Assist with the administrative, clerical, general affairs, and various support tasks of the arts group, as well as record financial matters.

  • Support publishing and editorial affairs; help analyze and draft reports, and document the outcomes of activities.

  • Recruit and arrange volunteers.

  • Perform ad hoc duties as required

Production Assistant

Main Responsibilities

  • Assist with the preliminary preparations, production setup, and technical support for the arts group's performances, educational, and community activities.

  • Assist with the execution of activities, including rehearsal preparation, venue setup, equipment preparation, and on-site coordination.

  • Provide pre-production and rehearsal support to the creative team, and help develop/produce promotional materials.

  • Assist with and support the arts group's technical matters, record and follow up on the production's financial affairs, and draft reports.

  • Perform ad hoc duties as required

Visit the following website of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council to learn more about the 2024/25 Arts Talents Internship Matching Programme

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