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In order to promote and increase the foreign enterprising artists' and enthusiasts' awareness of Cantonese Opera, we have partnered with Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop in the production of BACKSTAGE - a contemporary drama telling a story of what happens at the backstage of a Cantonese opera troupe. A young reporter wanders backstage and is mesmerised by the dazzling costumes, unique makeup, stylised movements, intricate choreography of the fighting rehearsals as well as the beautiful instrumental and vocal techniques. From an audience’s point of view, she asks all sorts of questions in English to explore and achieve a better understanding of the brilliance of this traditional performing art. 

Since its 2014 premiere in Edinburgh, BACKSTAGE has been performed in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, China, Singapore, South Korea, Hawaii, Mexico and of course our homeland Hong Kong.

This performance was ivited to participate in the Jockey Club New Arts Power in 2018.

If you would like BACKSTAGE to be performed in your city, please do contact us. Our email is

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